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Tiger Choir's Latest Single, Interstate, is Out Now.

Young Hobart trio Tiger Choir came together in 2009, when three friends began experimenting with pop amid tangles of instrument cables, furniture and musical equipment in cramped sharehouses. Together, the three––Sam Nicholson, Hamish Cruickshank and Elliot Taylor––lit upon a precise, dynamic, inventive brand of pop that quickly brought the band to wider notice, first in their hometown, and then on the mainland and beyond.

Shows around Australia soon followed, with fellow free spirits Rat vs Possum and Richard In Your Mind, with the band finding time in between to drop their debut ep. Tiger Choir's self-titled ep amply showcased the trio's unpredictable, combustible sound, which manages the feat of being at once experimental and otherworldly while remaining completely immediate––inspired dream pop played with math-rock precision.

Since 2011 the band has come to wider and wider notice and acclaim, touring with the likes of Deerhunter, The Drums, Holy Fuck! and Regurgitator, as well as gracing stages of the Falls Festival, Camp a Low Hum (NZ), and Tasmania's best new boutique festival, Panama Festival.

In April 2012, Tiger Choir released their keenly awaited debut lp, Unicycles. To record Unicycles, the band headed down to the wilds of Bruny Island, south east of Hobart, where, in between bouts of recording, the three holed up at an isolated shack and tried their hand, variously, at foraging for food, rowing back to the mainland on a boat with broken oars, and drinking.

Eventually the trio returned to Hobart, where they completed the album. Featuring the gloriously woozy dreamhop single 'Dancer', Unicycles is a remarkable slice of energetic, mercurial, intelligent pop––bright and nimble and alive, informed by the luminaries of experimental pop while remaining entirely its own beast.

2015 has seen Tiger Choir return with 3 infectious new singles, Shani, described by Tonedeaf as "nothing short of a glistening indie pop gem of a track" and have followed on with a taste of their upcoming LP, with  All Time. and most recently with their third single Interstate.

Interstate is the thrid single from their forthcoming album and is out now via Gaga Digi.

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