Stream: Bree Tranter's Debut EP, Jaws

Posted: 19 September, 2013

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After two very different singles over two years, former Middle East member and rising solo artist Bree Tranter has this week released her much awaited debut solo EP, Jaws.

Jaws is Bree's first release under her own name, but the five track EP was a collaborative affair, featuring contributions from Jack Saltmiras (who also designed the cover), Mike Haydon (who directed the stunning clip for 'Wounded Love') and former Middle East bandmate Rohin Jones.

Jaws is an impressively wide ranging affair: from the ethereal electro-pop of 'Wounded Love' to the gorgeous downbeat 'Spell My Name Again' to the hushed 'Fiery Wave', it's full of subtle pleasures, the work of an artist in total command of her craft, and one unafraid to light out for new horizons.

The EP is now available digitally everywhere through Gaga Digi, and we're streaming the while thing right here. Have a listen, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

You can also catch Bree supporting Matt Corby, whose band she plays keys in, on his upcoming national tour.

GAGA : 19 September, 2013

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