Rough River


Rough River's debut, self-titled lp is out May 1.

Rough River is the musical project of singer-songwriter Kate Skinner.

Her debut self-titled LP taps the same emotional vein of contemporaries Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten, the album quietly aching with tales of love gone by and a yearning for the natural world.

'Sometimes', the album’s lead single, is a joyous piece of chamber pop rich with harmonies, piano and the delicate, twining violin lines that tie the album together. The track was recorded by Lucas Skinner (King Gizzard) in his Brunswick bungalow and edited and arranged by Pascal Babare. 

Kate’s violin lines have the immediate, wrenching quality of Warren Ellis’s, but Babare’s deft arrangement reins each song into a tightly-wound pop composition. The rest of the instrumentation, too, echoes the grainy room-sound of Ocean Songs – a result of the LP being recorded in lounge – and bedrooms across Melbourne, on the same beat-up rig that’s borne much of King Gizzard’s output.

Drawing on players from that band (Lucas Skinner, Joe Walker) and Mallee Songs lends the record a certain looseness and grit that underpins folk in the old sense of the word – not as a set of readable signs, but as an act of communion.


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