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Breathe Owl Breathe came together in 2004 when three people in different places doing different things -- printmaking, music teaching, cartography -- decided to head out to a cabin in the Michigan wilds to live and make music.

From the beginning, Breathe Owl Breathe was as much an art project as it was a band: the band's first recordings were 'short story songs'; soon after this, the band recruited their friends to make a zombie film that was also a romantic comedy.

Out at the old cabin, which the band dubbed 'magic central', the trio lit upon a unique and timeless sound -- 'a wild rumpus of harmony and rhythm,' as Paste Magazine wrote. 'While some peers have reveled in reinvigorating the old, weird side of Americana, the band's flare for pop-addled melodies flips the contemporary folk aesthetic, eschewing freakiness in favor of charm. It's a dynamic built on coupling clever arrangements with lyrical whimsy.'

Since then, Breathe Owl Breathe have gifted us with five albums and an ep, and have traveled far and wide, mesmerising crowds with performances that merge meticulous musicianship, storytelling, and an absolute love for what it means for this trio to be creating things -- every moment of the day.

Their newest release is a remarkable children's book, written and illustrated by the band's Micah Middaugh. The new book was three years in the making, and comes accompanied by two gorgeous new tracks, The Listeners and These Train Tracks, which are out now via RAD/Gaga Digi. Listen to the tracks in our player above, and find out more about the new book and single in our interview with the band.

The Listeners / These Train Tracks - Single - Breathe Owl Breathe

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