Courtney Barnett

Grab world-beating indie-rock legend's classic debut ep, 'I've Got a Friend Called Emily Ferris'

Japanese Wallpaper

Acclaimed single 'Breathe In' from rising Australian electro-pop wunderkind, out now

Dan Kelly

Much loved indie-rock troubadour's new single, Melbourne vs Sydney, out now

Rough River

Beautiful, arresting debut album from folk-pop singer songwriter, out now

Gaga Digi

Gaga Digi is our digital label. We're a bit like an aggregator, in that we make it easy to get artists' music onto a heap of digital stores all over the world. But we're also like a traditional label, in that we work with bands whose music we really like. 

Gaga Digi's ever-growing catalogue features a heady mix of established artists (Charlie Parr, Big ScaryKing Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard, Courtney Barnett) and up-and-coming types (Drunk Mums, Japanese Wallpaper, Brighter Later). We're into all kinds of things.

We work with iTunes worldwide, as well as all the major worldwide digital stores and services, including:

• 7Digital
• Amazon
• Google Music
• Deezer
• eMusic
• Rdio
• Spotify
• YouTube

We also have our own store. Wherever we put music, we make the whole process––from the preparing of releases for uploading, to royalty reporting––simple and painless and transparent. As a company active on the sync front, we put our label's songs in the mix for licensing opportunities here and abroad.

Our numbers are simple: the artist gets 80 per cent, we take 20. Accounting is quarterly in 30 days, and we only do rolling thirty-day agreements. No scary fine print here. For more on what we do, check out our wares and happenings.

To get in touch about releasing your music through Gaga Digi, write to us. If you have a publicity request, get in touch with Leyla.

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